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Notes to Future You

One of my clients has what she calls “The Five-Second Rule”, and no, it’s not that one. Her rule is “Spend five seconds now making the next guy’s job 10 minutes easier.” I’ve tripped over variations of this rule in various jobs throughout my life: working in a restaurant, you did prep and cleaned before […]

Setting Better Routines

Covid has many of us working from home and a phrase I hear a lot is “I don’t even know what day it is anymore.” When you’ve had years of a routine, having to change cold turkey is hard. Don’t downplay it, it is going cold turkey. So how can we deal with it? I […]

How to work effectively with a Virtual Admin

When you’re working with a virtual admin (VA), you need to have three things: clarity, goals and trust. Some of these are developed over the time you work with your admin, but some need to happen before you even start reaching out to find someone. A virtual admin can be a way to supercharge your […]