How Can Woodard Administration Help

You want to focus on your business. To bring in money and grow your company. Handling bookkeeping, communication pieces, event planning, or social media isn’t your top priority.

That’s where virtual administration comes in. Bookkeeping, content, data entry, research, editing, event coordination, graphic design, or social media development and maintenance, we take things off your plate so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Over 30 years experience

  • Experience Working Virtually

  • Work with your schedule

  • Fast and effective

3 Decades in Administration

I’ve worked as an administrator for IT firms, retail firms, and not-for-profits since 1991. I’ve worked with presidents, CEOs, owners, and Executive Directors. I specialize in doing the work that has to get done so the office is there tomorrow so you can focus on the future.

Make It Happen

Tell me what you need and when you need it. I’ll make it happen.  I ask clarifying questions if needed.  I learn quickly what you need from me. I like making it easier for other people to follow their passions.

Who I am

I am a sharp mind, a need to find the most effective way to do something and a wicked sense of humour. I give you my years of experience and will pick your brains to find the best way to help you succeed.

About Anita

My name is Anita Woodard and I’m based in Kitchener, Ontario. I am a specialist at being a generalist.  I intuit and deduce and learn from every person I ever talk to and I am great at optimizing daily tasks.

I’m a networker. If you have a problem I haven‘t run into before, I will know someone who can help. We talk about your goal and I‘ll talk timelines and budget with you. I‘ll take the time to work with you. I want to understand what you want and then I‘ll do it.

You want updates on a scheduled basis? Not a problem. You just want to know it‘s taken care of? Consider it done. Give me the pieces you don‘t want to handle and I‘ll make them my business.