Virtual administration allows you to outsource the admin jobs that eat into your time. You want the work done, and done right, but it doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, done by you.  

So the question is, “What don’t you want to do anymore?”

30+ Years Experience

Virtual Help

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Business Process Documentation

The way you improve is if you know exactly what you’re doing. Let us help you document your business processes so you can get your whole team moving in the same direction.

Email & Calendar Management

Let me take care of your email & calendar. I can care of requests for meetings, in person or online, along with sorting your email into priorities, so you can deal with your email in a simple, organized way.

PowerPoint Presentations

If you have a presentation you need to present and don’t want to create the slides, we will take your notes and pull that together for you. And if you need participant workbooks to go with it, that can be done at the same time.

Document conversion

Old documents or handwritten notes? A PDF you need in Word format (or vice versa)? We can make that happen.


A/R. A/P. Follow-ups. Ensuring your receipts are entered.  Bank reconciliations. If you need bookkeeping, let’s talk.


Mailchimp, Active Campaign, MailerLite – set up in your system, staying on brand. Print versions too, Word or Publisher – we can even source a printer for you.

Social Media

You need help with your social media? We have you covered. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – tell us what you need, we’ll get it done.

General Administration

If it’s not covered above and you need it done, let’s talk. Be it working through files that need organizing, helping you do data entry, or creating a poster for a talk you’re involved with, we can help. Just ask.


"Anita is Amazing! Her skills and the type of work she does is so curical for small business owners. I have been working with Anita for 2 + years and it has been a game changer. She has helped me with website content, email marketing and news letters. Anita is very organized and quick at getting tasks completed. She listens and delivers every time. I feel at ease knowing Anita is there when I need her. If you are small business owner and are looking for virtual administration services than Anita is the right choice."

Charmi Lad

Working with Anita has definitely been a game changer. My days are often filled with many demands on time which pull me in several directions. I also had an ever growing list of projects that would be “nice to implement”…if I could only find the time. And that list was growing by the day. Since we started working together, Anita has been amazing at taking my thoughts and ideas and executing them flawlessly in a simple and effective manner. If you’re looking to delegate tasks, projects, or some of your workload, and want the confidence that things will be completed professionally, efficiently and effectively, then Woodard Administration should be your next call. Anita is an incredible addition to the team, and gets things done much faster than I ever could. I just wish I’d spoken to her sooner!

Rav Badial

Anita is a life saver! Without her my business wouldn’t be able to display the ‘organizing’ title as proudly. She has helped me take my social media accounts from non-existent to a regular and reliable posting schedule. She has successfully been able to craft posts that align with my company’s vision and brand, ensure my message is getting across and, more importantly, take a huge load off my back. As entrepreneurs we have this mentality that we need to do it all. I’m here to tell you that, not only should you not have to do it all, but that sometimes Anita will do it better.

Reem Elkady

Working with Woodard Administration has truly been a game changer for me. As a busy entrepreneur my calendar and email inboxes (one for each of the three businesses) were in total chaos and disarray. Anita worked closely with me to develop structured processes so I can be more efficient. Her level of organization is exactly what I needed to get my life under control and I recommend her services to anyone looking to get more done with less stress and control over their lives.

Mike Pagnutti

We are all familiar with Home & Auto insurance and even business liability insurance…..but as an independent consultant/entrepreneur, the best insurance ‘policy’ I put into place was to set up a retainer contract with Woodard Administration. Anita has provided me with quality administrative support for 3 years. I no longer struggle to do the things that are easy for her, leaving me to focus on applying my expertise to my client work. And if I don’t use all of the hours in my retainer, I still have peace of mind in knowing that Anita is there to help me in a pinch.

Lisa Deguire


My name is Anita Woodard and I’m based in Kitchener, Ontario. I am a specialist at being a generalist.  I intuit and deduce and learn from every person I ever talk to and I am great at optimizing daily tasks.

I’m a networker. If you have a problem I haven‘t run into before, I will know someone who can help. We talk about your goal and I‘ll talk timelines and budget with you. I‘ll take the time to work with you. I want to understand what you want and then I‘ll do it.

You want updates on a scheduled basis? Not a problem. You just want to know it‘s taken care of? Consider it done. Give me the pieces you don‘t want to handle and I‘ll make them my business


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